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Process Improvement Books By the Pinnacle Partners Team

The Right Measures: One Company’s Journey to Find the True Indicators of Its Success and Values

By Mark A. Nash & Sheila R. Poling

The story of two companies—one that measures in great detail, yet its overall goals and objectives are not being achieved.  While the other uses a much simpler, yet effective measurement structure that integrates cultural acceptance, individual performance, and team performance with key performance indicators (KPIs).

This book illustrates how measures can impact employee behavior, bottom-line profitability, and customer satisfaction, this fast-paced business novel provides the understanding required to select the appropriate measures for your organization—measures that will motivate and guide your employees along the path to success.

Available from CRC Press and Amazon.

Mapping the Total Value Stream: A Comprehensive Guide for Production and Transactional Processes

By Mark A. Nash & Sheila R. Poling

Mapping the Total Value Stream defines and elaborates on the concepts of value stream mapping (VSM) for both production and transactional processes. This book reshapes and extends the lessons originally put forward in a number of pioneering works including the popular Value Stream Management for the Lean Office. It reinforces fundamental concepts and theoretical models with real-world applications and complete examples of the value stream mapping technique. To educate VSM mappers on the specific mechanics of the technique, the text provides in-depth explanations for commonly encountered situations.

Available from CRC Press and Amazon.

Using Lean for Faster Six Sigma Results: A Synchronized Approach

By Mark A. Nash, Sheila R. Poling, & Sophronia Ward

Lean? Six Sigma? or Lean Six Sigma? Which is the right approach for effective continual process improvement? While much has been written on merging Lean and Six Sigma initiatives, this is the first process improvement book to detail a logical alternative – a no-nonsense strategy for maintaining the best of both initiatives without diluting either.

This practical, easy read shows how to choose the right projects, approach, people, and tool set to achieve bottom-line results faster.  Readers will benefit from the authors’ years of experience implementing Lean with Six Sigma, through detailed case studies from both manufacturing and service companies.

Available from CRC Press and Amazon.

Contributing Author Publications

Manufacturing Engineering Handbook, Second Edition, Principal Author/Editor – Hwaiyu Geng, Mcgraw Hill, 2016

Chapter 37: Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing, by Sophronia Ward, Sheila R. Poling, and Mark A. Nash

Every organization has the desire to improve some level of their overall performance results to increase profitability or return on investment, to improve customer satisfaction, and/or to enhance shareholder value.  This chapter of the Manufacturing Engineering Handbook from McGraw Hill explores the way Lean and Six Sigma combine to achieve these goals.

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