Pinnacle Partners West

Pinnacle Partners West

Transforming organizations through people and processes

Oklahoma City, OK

Knoxville, TN

Ashville, NC

Princeton, WV

Quality Improvement / Process Improvement

We partner with our clients to produce quality and process improvement through proven methodologies and techniques focused on both the process and those employees that utilize the process as a part of their work lives.

Coaching, Mentoring & Facilitation

Our team does not believe in the business-as-usual “consulting recommendations” and “same-old same-old training.” We partner to mentor and coach our clients’ team members to manage and work within the quality and operational systems we assist in developing. Working side-by-side, we facilitate improvement activities with our clients until their internal teams are capable of maintaining the system developed through our partnership.


Cultural change necessary to support effective quality systems and standardized processes begins with effective training. Our customized approach to training utilizes industry experienced staff to provide world-class training.